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Wheeled Trimmers

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Husky HU625HWT LineTrimmer



Powered by a hearty Briggs & Stratton engine, this trimmer on wheels drives a powerful punch to areas of the lawn too large for a hand-held trimmer and too tight for a mower. With a cutting width of 22 inches, large trim jobs get done in less time. The trim height adjusts easily from 1.6 to 3 inches and replacing the trimmer line takes only a few minutes. An all around great performer, the HU675HWT takes care of your tough trimming tasks while you enjoy the walk.

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Echo Bearcat WT190


• 190 cc Wheeled Trimmer standard trimmer
• Push drive
• Heavy-duty wear-resistand steel mow ball
• 3-position, adjustable-height handle
• Sabre Blade capable
• Fully enclosed steel housing