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Log Splitters



LS25EH $1899.95

Includes PDI & SETUP & OIL

The Braber Equipment BE-LS25EH 25 Ton Honda GX200 Log Splitter is a must for anyone who sells firewood or relies on wood heating. With 25 Ton capacity the Braber BE-LS25EH Honda gas powered log splitter is ideal for splitting 25″ lengths with ease. The Braber log splitter comes equipped with the log tray is designed to catch the log after it is split, and a log dislodger is designed to remove any partially split wood from the wedge. This may occur while splitting large diameter wood or freshly cut wood. The Braber 25 Ton log splitter also has beam Locks which the two locks, as their name suggests, are used to secure the beam in the horizontal or the vertical position. The vertical beam lock is located next to the engine. The horizontal beam lock is located on the beam support latch bracket. The BE-LS25EH comes ready to travel, with D.O.T. tires and a tongue which is used to attach to a towing vehicle for transportation.

Use an approved hydraulic fluid. Approved fluids include Shell Tellus® S2 M 32 Hydraulic Fluid, Dexron® III/Mercon® automatic transmission fluid, Pro-Select™ AW-32 Hydraulic Oil or 10WAW-ISO viscosity grade 32 hydraulic oil.

Braber Equipment BE-LS25EH 25 Ton Honda GX200 Log Splitter Features

  • Honda powered engine
  • Durable heavy duty log trays
  • Off road pneumatic wheels
  • Full beam
  • Hydraulic oil included
  • Minimal set up
  • Heavy duty tapered wheel bearing
  • 3 position control with automatic ram return
  • Wire wrapped hydraulic hose
  • Over top engineered log dislodger
  • Vertical and horizontal operation

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